DH headshot

David Huggins


With a storied career in architecture that includes working for some of the biggest names in the industry on the West and East Coasts, David self-admittedly notes that one of his greatest talents is acting as a translator for our clients to realize their expectations and express their unique personalities and needs in their homes. But he is truly gifted at what he calls “detailing and material connections”—or simply put, making the architectural details we take for granted as exquisite and advantageous as possible. Our clients often note that they didn’t realize the importance of a certain detail or type of finish until it was brought to their attention by David’s design.

“We focus on details in a more substantial way than many other firms, a luxury that I appreciate. And when a project is finished, I’m proud to say that we often hear the best compliment that we can receive: “You really get me!’”

David earned a bachelor of architecture from the University of Cincinnati’s prestigious six-year program that included extensive training in commercial and residential architecture.