Fatima De La Torre

Interior Designer

Rooms are about relationships— how their elements interact with each other and their inhabitants. Fatima became fascinated with these connections during her early studies in drawing, painting, photography and graphic design. As she explored each artform, she realized the similarities between these fields and interior design.

Fatima felt an immediate connection to the field because it calls on the principles and processes of so many other disciplines. Making these connections inspired her to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in interior design at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago.

Before joining JLI, Fatima worked for a design studio and design/build firm on a wide range of commercial and residential projects. While these experiences sharpened and deepened her design and project management skills, they also led to her realization that she was most interested in pursuing a career in residential design.

“I love learning about the history of a home, understanding how it relates to its location and connecting those elements to clients’ wants and needs through design,” she explains. “There’s so much meaning behind all the furnishings and details that go into a home. You have to consider everything to create spaces that reflect clients’ personalities, lifestyles and stories.”

At JLI, Fatima has found the flexibility and creative freedom to use all of her skills and design projects holistically. She particularly appreciates the firm’s philosophy, which blends functional design knowledge with creativity and resourcefulness. It has let her deliver projects that balance and reflect a residence’s structure and surroundings. Her imagination shows in designs that merge form and function in creative yet effective ways, from the striking use of space to artisanal finishing techniques that elevate the impact of everyday furnishings.

Fatima believes a perfectly designed space is one that not only adapts to your needs, but also tells a story through color and texture, inspires clients and brings deeper meaning to everyday living.

Fatima’s passion for interior design extend to her off hours, where she satisfies her thirst for knowledge and new ideas by exploring places and individual spaces to see the impact design has on their inhabitants. If those outings involve visits to innovative restaurants with edgy interiors or travel to distant locales, all the better! “Every time I look for a new place to visit, I anticipate the experience that awaits,” she says.