Jessica Lagrange Interiors LLC

Jennifer Durand

Design Director

Jennifer is one of the most hardworking, talented people in the JLI office. Possessing a keen eye for design and impeccable taste, she develops visual creations that are unmatched; each rendering she produces (whether created digitally or painstakingly by hand) would be at home in any art connoisseur’s private collection. She is sweet and funny, always ready with a joke to bring light to everyone around her. Her curious nature compels her to explore and ask questions to drive not only her work, but the entire team’s, to achieve ultimate personalization and performance on every design project.

“The collaboration between the client and JLI makes each project remarkable in its own right and effective. We’re hard judges. We only deem a project successful if it surpasses both the client’s and our expectations.”

She holds a bachelor of fine arts from Harrington College of Design.