Jennifer Durand

Design Director

Half the battle of achieving professional success is knowing what you want to do. Jenny, who touches every JLI project as our Design Director, was leaning towards architecture early on thanks to her father’s influence and her artistic abilities. At five, she learned to draw—complete with proper perspective and accurate details—with the help of her father, an architect. Her remarkable mastery of this skill has served her well; we often utilize her exquisite hand drawn architectural renderings today.

Expanding on the architectural foundation provided by her father, Jenny naturally fell in love with the detailed intricacies involved in the interior design world. That lead her to earn a BFA at Harrington College of Design.

Today, Jenny is not only passionate about every aspect of design, she is a fountain of knowledge on materials, sources, techniques, trends, emerging artists and best practice. These qualities, and her deep commitment to excellence, makes her an ideal design director for JLI, a luxury interior design firm with exacting standards. She revels in the creative process, and has helped establish the intensely collaborative approach we embrace at JLI. With a style that’s flexible and responsive, she immerses herself in all aspects of the design process, from initial concepts to final installations.

Jenny’s curious nature leads her to explore and ask questions to drive not only her work, but the entire team’s, to achieve ultimate personalization and performance on every design project. “My favorite aspect of the process is that initial meeting where we meet with clients and nail down direction. From there, it’s very fulfilling for us to see all the pieces of a project come together to fulfill a creative vision,” she says. This mentality, along with her 10 years of tenure with JLI, allows her to excel at developing interiors that are functional, beautiful and a reflection of each client’s personal vision. Her standard is clear: “We only deem a project successful if it surpasses both the client’s and our expectations,” she maintains.

Off the clock, Jenny enjoys exploring the city with her husband and Golden Doodle Oliver.