Molly Woodin

Senior Interior Designer

Molly has a deep understanding of important design periods, and a global perspective on the field gained from her studies with Kent State University in Florence, extensive travel though Europe and previous position at luxury tile purveyor Artistic Tile. But her history-steeped background hasn’t pigeonholed her into any particular style. Instead, it has given her a leg up at recognizing what’s new, noteworthy and timely—and knowing the provenance of the trends that surface today. This has given her an uncanny ability to source locally and globally. This builds on Molly’s deep desire to understand her clients and their preferences, and have a deep impact on how they live. The results show in the richly layered and highly personalized homes she crafts for our clients.

“I think the most important aspect of designing a home is the ability to change the way a person feels and lives for the better. Knowing that my work will inspire these positive changes is my greatest reward.”

Molly earned a bachelor of science in interior design from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.