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Reed Landin

Reed Landin
Interior Designer

Pursuing a lifelong dream of becoming an interior designer, Reed brings an extensive background in art history to the JLI team. With deep experience working at acclaimed fine art galleries and one of the nation’s most respected auction houses, he has amassed comprehensive knowledge of fine art, photography, furniture and antiques.

Transitioning from a significant art career into interior design has been a natural extension of his skills and interests. “I’ve always been passionate about art. But I found myself more interested in how collectors decide what they want to own, and how they live with it. That led me to think about how art and objects should be integrated into residential spaces, and I was captivated. Designing homes is so much more interesting and satisfying than dealing with art and objects in pristine and neutral gallery settings.”

Thanks to his background, Reed believes interiors should be curated specifically for each individual—from the overall impact of everything in a space down to the smallest detail. Design must fulfill a vision that is unique to each person and their home, and go beyond mere aesthetics.

Reed’s academic knowledge of a fine art, architecture and design—from the works of old masters and historical periods to contemporary art and design—informs his work and helps him create astutely curated spaces that reflect clients’ tastes and lifestyles. Not afraid to push the envelope, Reed is constantly on the lookout for pieces that will surprise and delight.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from Washington and Lee University, Reed worked for prestigious art galleries in Washington D.C. and Chicago.  His CV also includes a five-year stint with Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, the Midwest’s largest auction house and a venerated authority on the pricing and authentication of art, collectibles and furniture.

With a desire to move beyond gallery and museum settings, Reed continued his studies at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where he earned a certificate in Interior Design. “My experience in the art and auction worlds coalesces with interior design. Working here lets me blend all my interests and use all my abilities,” he says.

On a personal note, Reed is an inveterate art and fine furniture aficionado and keeps busy attending auction previews and gallery openings. He also likes exploring new neighborhoods, which invariably includes checking out many of the intriguing restaurants and bars that cross his path.