Todd Headshot

Todd Rowe Burger

Senior Interior Designer

A discerning eye and an encyclopedic knowledge of architecture, design and materials are apparent in Todd’s timeless yet imaginative designs for luxury residences and custom furnishings. The strategies he uses in his work to balance the aesthetic and utilitarian elements of each project breathe character and cohesion into the spaces he crafts. But more significantly, the interiors he creates are eloquent and elegant reflections of clients’ personalities and lifestyles.

Due to his familiarity with the history of design and aesthetic movements, Todd believes spaces should be artfully curated and bring together the concrete and abstract. In doing so, the resources he uses for his projects may blend periods and styles or pair materials in unexpected ways, yet they always perform in concert throughout a home and reflect his clients’ distinct perspectives.

In all of his projects, a point of inspiration—be it large or small—takes on a life of its own in all aspects of the built and furnished environment. This approach lets him create spaces that are cohesive, thoughtfully developed, sophisticated and polished. An inspired line of furnishings or found object have equal potential to spur him to create a residence imbued with a personality of its own. Yet Above all, these spaces are tailored, functional and effective for their inhabitants.

Prior to joining JLI’s design team, Todd refined his intentional, knowledge-based approach to design for eight years as a designer at Gary Lee Partners in Chicago. While there, he also worked on proprietary furniture and rug designs for Chai Ming Studios, a division of the company. Before that, he nourished his interest in textiles during a three-year internship at Scalamandre as a sample librarian. He is a Harrington College of Design graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in interior design.