7 Sweet Little Lamps To Light Up The Long, Dark, Winter Nights

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We all know the saying “spring forward, fall back.” We fell back last weekend and gained a blissful extra hour in bed, but it’s a short-lived treat. Now we have to face those, long, dark, cold winter nights that creep up on us way too early and won’t let up until daylight saving time comes back in March.

Our despair is understandable; a lack of sunshine can play a role in a surprising variety of physical and mental disorders, notes the Smithsonian magazine. Think weak bones, depression and heart trouble—oh my! But the good news is that the right light can counter all that. Lighting can directly impact our physical and mental wellbeing, notes Interiors+Sources magazine. That makes it important to pay attention to how we illuminate our homes in the winter months.

While light can alleviate depression, increase concentration and improve mood, it takes more than a flick of the switch to get a lighting plan right that will accomplish all our goals in the winter months. We noted this last year in our blog “Combat Winter Doldrums with The Right Light.” It included a comprehensive (and downloadable) Winter Lighting Guide that we put together with the help of Victoria Ellis, the brilliant lighting consultant we pull in on many of our projects. Get it now and get going before depression sets in!

But for a quick fix, check out the seven sweet (and luxurious) little lamps we found to light up your nights (or just plain old gloomy rooms) during the dark depths of winter. And, by the way, don’t forget to check one of our favorite tools — the timeanddate chart that tells us the exact time of sunrise and sunset every day.

7 Sweet Little Lamps


Cornet Clip-On Lamp: There will be light anywhere you can clip on the Coronet, a spun aluminum lamp from the dashing French retailer Tsé Tsé. It can swivel to shine its rays where you want them; comes in red, blue, black, white or natural aluminum; and is also available as a ceiling, wall or table lamp. The clip on version in red is about $145, depending on currency conversion rates, from Tsé Tsé. (Images: Tsé Tsé)

Diana Table Lamp preview

Diana Table Lamp: This charismatic table lamp is cheeky yet chic enough to use almost anywhere. The Portuguese lighting design firm Delightfull makes the diminutive Diana—a mere 17” high but with personality that far surpasses her stature. Find it for $855 at Horne, the U.S. e-tailer known for sourcing authentic modern design worldwide. (Image: Horne)

Double Dome TL Web1 Main

Double Dome Table Lamp: In the world of interiors, where every square inch can make a difference and visual simplicity is a form of elegance, this is the ultimate two-for. Use it on a small table between two chairs or a partner’s desk to offer light for two users. It’s hand-spun brass shades and blown-glass domes area a signature gesture from Allied Maker, the New York design and manufacturing studio dedicated to artisan crafted, superbly engineered yet simple lighting solutions. Buy it for $1750 at Allied Maker. (Image: Allied Maker)

Kartell Planet Triptych preview

Kartell Planet Table Lamp: Like planet Earth, with its peaks and valleys, this eponymous lamp by Kartell is a rich tapestry of surfaces. Cast in thermoplastic technopolymer, this 13” diameter globe stands 21” high and casts a diffuse, richly dappled glow. Find it in crystal, yellow or gray at 2Modern for $675. (Image: 2Modern)

Panthella Mini Lamp quad preview

Panthella Mini Lamp: When Verner Panton and Louis Poulsen designed this “miniature” table lamp in 1971, they wanted it to sport a metal shade painted white on the inside so it would reflect light onto the trumpet shaped stem. Alas—it was technologically impossible, which is why vintage versions of the lamp on 1stdbs have acrylic shades that emit a diffuse glow. Today’s version of the lamp, with a 9” diameter shade and 13.5” high, is the same size as the original, but executed in aluminum. Thanks to the new material, the Panthella Mini is available in 11 hues for $430 each at Horne. (Image: Horne)

Sempe Ile Clamp 7 row preview

Sempé Clamp Lamp: Leave it to the French. Parisian designer Inga Sempé (daughter of the famed graphic artist Jean-Jacques Sempé and mate of the famed designer Ronan Bouroullec), inspired by the simple, utilitarian hardware store clamp lamps of her childhood, came up with her own version. But in this case, simple is also sophisticated; the 7.5” lamp sports a light source that shines into a diffuser, which allows the illumination to be positioned where it will do the most good. Find it in nine colors for $225 each at Design Within Reach. (Images: Remodelista and Design Within Reach)

Slab desk lamp

Slab Desk Lamp: The famed New York design studio General Assembly takes minimalism to the max with its sleek, 14.5” high SLAB desk lamp made of sumptuous stone and sparkling polished brass. The handcrafted marble base is designed to weigh the minimum necessary to counterbalance the articulating arm. And thanks to the natural variation of the marble, no two lamps are identical. Order it several variations from the firm’s new e-tail site Assembly Line for $250. (Image: General Assembly)

13 Nov 2017

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