Interior Design with Our Client’s Style in Mind

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The Jessica Lagrange Interiors staff specializes in client-focused residential design.

Ask the talented designers at Jessica Lagrange Interiors what they enjoy most about creating unique, stylish spaces for our residential clients and what makes a project a success, and you’ll notice a theme running through their answers.

“I really enjoy the process of getting to know what the client wants and meeting their needs.”
Christina Stillwaugh

“Forging a successful project, which means the results surpass both the client’s and my own expectations, is the greatest reward of all.”
Jennifer Durand

“Getting to know the client, and seeing a space come to life through the design process to fulfill their goals, is gratifying.”
Joanna Crowley

Each project begins and ends with the client—from the time of our first meeting until the end of the design journey, when he or she has lived in the revitalized home and seen how the newly transformed space improves the way they live and feel in their home.

All of our clients want an impeccable, smartly designed home that fits their wants and needs, but each client has their own specific take on what that means. Our purpose is to deliver homes that complement their unique, dynamic personalities.

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Each space designed by Jessica Lagrange Interiors reflects the unique needs, lifestyle and personality of the homeowner.

One family may be sharp and serious and feel most at home with chic yet no-nonsense elegance. Another may want a color-filled house as exuberant, playful and sturdy as their school-age children. A third may want to balance classical styling with updates that speak to today.

The JLI team feels it is the duty of an interior designer to give each client the home that’s perfect for him or her. The process of designing dream homes requires much more than just paint on the walls and art in the halls. On each and every project, our designers, architects and consultants spend a great deal of time getting to know the homeowners—their lifestyles, their interests, their tastes and desires. It’s a painstaking, time-consuming process, but taking that extra effort and personal attention sets us apart from other high-end designers. It’s also the quality guaranteeing that our work satisfies, and delights, every client.

To reach that level of client satisfaction, JLI stays on top of home trends, constantly expands its design knowledge and scours the globe for the well-crafted elements to enhance each home we create. In this space, we will share our perspective on current design issues, practices, products and services, and how we can apply this in-depth knowledge to crafting the perfect residence for clients like you.

06 Feb 2015

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