5 Easy To Keep New Year’s Resolutions For 2016

Making New Year’s resolutions is a losing battle: 50 percent of us make them, says a Psychology Today piece, yet only 8 percent of us keep them, notes Forbes health writer Dan Diamond. But let’s be honest here: most New Year’s resolutions are nebulous and boring. We’re talking promises to lose weight, quit smoking, eat better, save more, drink less and so on, according to Time magazine’s 10 most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions.


Most resolutions are made to be broken, as we know from some of our most unpredictable celebrities. Halston, Bianca Jagger, Liza Minelli and Andy Warhol ring in the new year together in 1978. Photo: WhoWhatWear

We think 2016 is the time to change the equation with New Year’s resolutions you can keep. And as luxury interior designers, our suggestions are small design indulgences that are quick, easy and even exhilarating. But best of all, they’re all really doable in terms of time, effort and budget. That said, here are five resolutions you can easily keep for 2016. Not surprisingly, all are design indulgences that we hope to keep ourselves.

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Lindsay Cowles wall coverings are created from details of her unique artworks. Photo: Lindsay Cowles


Today’s wallpapers—officially called wallcoverings in the biz thanks to their multi-media makeup—are so diverse, durable and fantastic that they can totally change the nature of a room. The more retiring can opt for one wall, or just punch up a little space like an alcove or powder room. But the adventurous can go for a whole room. Many of today’s wallcoverings are hand-painted, artisan-made works of art in their own right, such as the options we covered in our blog on “Wallpaper, Art Or All Of The Above?”

Frame 1

Before taking the plunge on pristine walls, lay out images on the floor to compose balanced arrangements. Photo: Domino


Whether it’s an incredible artwork or your latest family photo, don’t procrastinate. Jennifer Durand, a member of our design team, talked about using blank walls to the best effect in RedEye in 2015. In Chicago’s luxury interior design scene, some of our favorite framers—in order of cost—include Lakeview Art Supply ($), Artists Frame Service ($$) and Armand Lee ($$$). But we’re not above doing a whole wall of family shots in Pottery Barn, West Elm or Restoration Hardware gallery frames; all three retailers are revered for offering a wide range of options that are all high quality and simple to use.


Tory Burch has a lust-worthy FitBit bracelet that reminds us of elegant architectural fretwork. Photo: Tory Burch


It’s unbelievably easy, free, effective and less injury-prone than other options, notes WebMD.com. And it can be more effective than running, points out The Guardian. But we have one caveat: wear cool shoes. We’re not ones for sneakers when we hit the streets, but have had great luck with a fabulous pair of over the knee boots or slinky summer sandals. And don’t forget to wear a Fitbit. Our vote goes to Tory’s version, which gives the minimal Fitbit a more decorative demeanor.

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Change the water everyday to make blooms live as long as possible. Photo: Calico Floriculture & Design


Not only are fresh flowers the quickest, easiest and most effective way to add color and improve the mood to a room—studies show they can make us happier and more productive. Our blog on this topic was one of our most viewed this year, and offered seven effective “Flower Power” tips. The top one: change the water everyday to make your blooms live as long as possible.

Angel Otero Triptych

These three oil paint skins on resin-coated canvas by SAIC alum Angel Otero were shown at the SAIC Alumni Show. He is represented by Lehmann Maupin. Photos: Lehmann Maupin


What a year! Our intellects, political consciousness, lust for stuff and plain old social lives were enriched by so many fabulous events we attended and shared on our blog. Shopping highlights include the fantastic Botanic Gardens Antique Show, where we shopped to our hearts’ delight and hitting Art Expo and SAIC’s Alumni Show, where we got a major and much-needed update on the contemporary art scene. And we deepened our understanding of the swiftly changing nature of architecture and design at two incredible exhibitions supported by the Art Institute of Chicago’s Architecture + Design Society: “Chatter: Architecture Talks Back,” and “Making Place: The Architecture of David Adjaye.” Watch our blog and we’ll keep you posted on the must-sees of 2016.

11 Jan 2016

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