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What’s not to love about love? We’re not talking about just romantic love, but instead the idea that we all have loved ones, from family to friends. And a holiday to show the love is just what we need after a long, dark and usually dreary winter. But of course, what’s Valentine’s Day without fabulous little luxuries to nurture us long after the day is over? So here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas that go beyond bonbons and bouquets. Shop in the name of love with our savvy edit of swoon-worthy indulgences—all guaranteed to be as intriguing to gift as get for yourselves.

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Feel the Love: Given their chic red and black color palettes, it’s hard for your love interest not to feel dashing and adored with Hermes Grand Manege Bandana Love Scarf ($320) or the Cent Pois Scarf ($435) wrapped around their neck. Both at Hermes.

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Sole-ful Love: Say it from head to toe with soles that boast your emotions. Choose from Tamara Mellon’s sexy Love Letter pump in red suede ($570) at the e-tailer’s eponymous site or Tory Sport’s sensible but kicky Love Slide Sandals ($98) at Neiman Marcus.

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Love at First Swipe: Guerlain’s Rouge G Customizable Lipstick is legendary for its huge range of long-lasting and luminous hues ($33 each), nurturing lip care formula and sumptuous, double-mirror cases (over two dozen options and counting). The newest is the Wild Glam Lipstick Case designed by Parisian jeweler Lorenz Bäumer. Encrusted with a sinuous rhinestone snake, it becomes a couture collectible ($290). Exclusively at Neiman Marcus.

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Pointed Love: Over a billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year, the Telegraph notes. Why not make yours elegant and to the point with Mrs. John L. Strong’s sleek, simple yet sumptuous engraved cards. ($18 each). Exclusively at Mrs. John L. Strong.

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Symbolic Love: Fertility, eternity, rebirth, healing and temptation are but a few of the many meanings behind the symbol of the snake. Let this luxurious baby alpaca Peyote Throw ($348) from blanket maker Blacksaw represent whatever you need it to mean. Exclusively at CB2.

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Celebrate Temptation: We think snakes are special because they are not only spectacularly gorgeous but also loaded with all sorts of symbolism. So whenever we see a great iteration of this slinky, sensual creature, we go for it. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we like to think Gucci’s crystal embellished earrings by Alessandro Michele ($1,320) represent temptation, and are betting they’ll be collector’s items in the near future. Find them at Matches Fashion.

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Self-Love: Keurig’s sleek, stylish, single-serve coffeemaker ($99.99 at Keurig) will nurture you or a loved one day in and day out, making it a gift that keeps on giving—not to mention a gift that will remind its recipient of you. Pair it with a pair of heart-shaped 3D printed coffee mugs. ($7 at cgtrader).

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The Language of Love: The original Sweethearts, discontinued in 2019 when Necco went out of business, are back and better than ever with their original flavors (such as banana and wintergreen reinstated). But there’s one glitch experts say may increase demand for the candy this year: Due to equipment glitches, Food & Wine reports, most of them are blanks. Will that make them collector’s Items? Some say yes. Either way, they’re delicious, darling and fun. Find them at CVS and Walgreens.

29 Jan 2020

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