Gift-Giving Ideas for the Last Minute Shopper

Holiday gift-giving didn’t make the cut when psychiatrists Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe created their famous stress scale in 1967. But it should have! This yearly task can be stressful, especially when you leave it to the last minute. But as luxury interior designers, we think this is a great opportunity for some imagination. Our friends and families—and even our clients— shower us with gift-giving questions this time of the year. “What should I get my trendy partner, hipster niece, indie kid, or preppy assistant?” Here are gift-giving suggestions that showcase the mindset of our interior design team, and put our imaginative approach to work for the holidays.

Three Graces

Assouline's Three Graces Book is handmade with the utmost skill, worthy of holding the most cherished notes, quotes and meanderings. Photo: Assouline

Indulge ‘Writerly’ Types

Assouline’s Three Graces Notebook, handmade using the highest quality cotton fibers and the traditional techniques of Italian engravers, sports an exquisitely pressed rendering of Canova’s famed sculpture on its cover. It’s perfect to memorialize the details of important events or to record life passages. Purchase for $220 at Assouline.


This line of witty linen cocktail napkins by August Morgan through Mary Mahoney will bring humor and good cheer to any holiday festivity. Photo: Mary Mahoney

For Witty Happy Hours

August Morgan’s comic Whino Cocktail Napkins are sophisticated and droll—just the right combination to make a simple wine party a touch more noteworthy and memorable. Four six-inch-square napkins cost $36 at Mary Mahoney.


Mario Fortuny's decorative box collection features gold-plated and nickel-plated pieces wrapped in his luxurious Italian fabrics. These tiny treasures will give special meaning to the gems and prizes housed within. Photo: L'Objet

Make It Symbolic

The symbolism and splendor of the snake, thought to represent of rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing, is clearly transformative. Here, emblazoned on simple gold or silver desk accessories from L’Object—such as magnifying glasses, picture frames, a letter opener, book ends, an urn and a tray—the snake gives these pieces significance and glamor, perfect for meaningful gifting. Prices range from $50 to $5000 at L’Objet.


Restoration Hardware's Luxe Mohair Throws are sumptous in texture and rich in color, woven by a family-owned Spanish mill out of the finest mohair. Photo: Restoration Hardware

Make It Small But Mighty

Mario Fortuny’s legendarily intricate designs live on today in his furnishings, textiles and wall treatments, and show that a little dose of a dazzling pattern can go a long way. His diminutive trinket box, made in Piumette or Tapa, gets its just due anywhere in a room. Find it for $665 at L’Objet.

R Hmohair

Assouline's Three Graces Book is handmade with the utmost skill, worthy of holding the most cherished notes, quotes and meanderings. Photo: Assouline

Go For Supreme, Sumptuous Simplicity

There’s no beating the absolute ease, utility and splendor of a cozy, whisper-light, super-luxe mohair throw woven by artisans in Spain using traditional techniques that date to the 15th century—proof that perfection endures. This version is available in 14 splendid hues and is deserving of a spot in any home. They measure 70”x90” and cost $149 each at Restoration Hardware.

18 Dec 2015

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