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It’s Valentine’s Day, So Bring It On 2019!

Acclaimed (and adored!) Chicago designer Rick Valicenti has it right in the Valentine’s Day card he created for us this year. As the card suggests, we’re ready for love in every incarnation—be it witty banter, romantic intrigue or just the warmth and support of loving relationships with our families and friends.

It reminds us of that famous saying from Helen Keller: “life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  We’re going for the former, so in keeping with the message on our card—bring it on!

Love Is Everywhere (Image: Samyukthaa Natarajan via ArchDaily)

In keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re reiterating our most important principles about love via the ingenious Valentines for design-lovers we found on ArchDaily. These are a few of the winners that resonated with us from the 2017 and 2018 Valentines for Architects contest. See the winners of this year’s contest here.

Love Conquers All (Image: Marco De Donno via ArchDaily)

Love Takes Compromise (Image: Ana Georgieva via ArchDaily)

In Love We Trust (Image: Ania Khodfabakhshian via ArchDaily)

Love Shelters (Image: Konstantina Kostova via ArchDairy)

Love Must Be Built (Image: Fransiska Tirtoadisurja via ArchDaily)

There’s No Wright Or Wrong (Image: Christina Donaldson via ArchDaily)

13 Feb 2019


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