Sweet Treats For Valentine’s Day and Beyond

We’re romantics all year long. But come Valentine’s Day, we share the love with our annual card, a work of art in its own right by the renowned Chicago graphic design collaborative Thirst. We also gift sweets that reflect our discriminating palettes, playful sense of humor and savvy style as luxury interior designers. With help from Cupid himself, these choices may delight long after the day has passed—with self-control!

Eat Your Heart Out

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Photo courtesy of Oriental Trading.

Who needs fancy baubles that do nothing more than flash a few sparks? Artist Maayan Zilberman crafts rings that dazzle with petals and a whiff of wild rose essence or colorful crystals that match birthstones. Both rings are edible except for the silver and brass plated settings. Save nibbling, however, until you’ve shown either off at a Valentine’s Day to-do. Zilberman named her company Sweet Saba in honor of her grandpa, who helped her concoct fantastical recipes for dinner when she was a child. She’s kept her fantastical edge, as these rings attest. They’re available directly from her website; the Floral Candy Cocktail Ring is $48.00; the Crystal Cocktail Ring Pop, is $62.

Sealed With A Kiss (SWAK)

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Photo courtesy of Oriental Trading.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for every age, from kids who want to pretend they can pucker up to adults who know that the best gifts are often the silliest. Humor everyone’s inner child with outsized lips that give new meaning to SWAK. Our favorites are the juicy red wax lips from Oriental Trading ($19.99 for a dozen) and an extra-large set of lips in rich dark or milk chocolate that comes packaged in an elegant red box, from Sweet on Vermont, $15.00.

A Heart A Day Keeps Love In Play

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Photos (from left to right) courtesty of Lake Champlain Chocolates and Groovy Candies.

On Valentine’s Day, tuck handfuls of hearts and maybe a sweet little love note into your honey’s briefcase, coat pockets, backpacks, handbags or anywhere else creative that comes to mind. Just make sure they’re not looking when you do the deed. Nobody can have too many of these sweet little love bites. Go with a bag of 35 rich chocolate hearts that includes a medley of flavors from Lake Champlain Chocolates, $23, or the classic colorful “Sweethearts” candies with favorite sayings to beguile your loved one with a special message, Find them in 16-ounce bags at Target for $2.50.

Sweets on a Stick

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Photos courtesy of Melville Candy.

Keep things simple and non-sticky with oversized gourmet lollipops from Melville Candy Co. These sleek, translucent giant hearts in a rainbow of hues come six to a pack for $36.99 or inlaid with confetti for a bit of glitz for the same price. But we’re smitten with their Conversation Heart Lollipops that look like Sweethearts on steroids, sold in packs of 24 for $74.99.

Heart Healing Chocolates

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Photo courtesy of Oliver Kita Chocolates.

A collection of chocolates assembled to rejuvenate the psyche can be the perfect gift for your honey, or a friend who needs a little soul soothing. Did we mention that they’re also drop-dead gorgeous and packed with good-for-you ingredients? Find the Rejuvenating Collection, flavored with master tea blends such as Japanese matcha and embellished with show stopping graphics at Oliver Kita Chocolates; $40 for a 16-piece box.

Fashion Forward Confections

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Photos courtesy of Maggie Louise Confections.

Haute couture is applied to candy design–and specifically sustainable, fair-traded chocolate from Venezuela and Ecuador—in the snappy, style-focused chocolates made by Austin-based Maggie Louise Confections. The results are runway-worthy collections showcased in splurge-worthy sampler boxes with names like Read My Lipstick ($15), Love Potion ($38), Bee Mine ($20) and Pucker Up ($54). Choose from two-dozen options for Valentine’s Day alone at Maggie Louise Confections.

Classic Confections

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Photo courtesty of Cora Lee Candies.

Cora Lee Candies are legendary and its toffee is at the top of the sweet-spot food chain. For those who might be delighted with something that’s not red or heart-shaped, consider a box of chocolate melted and rolled in fresh ground pecans for an American take on English toffee. With luck, the contents may last past Valentine’s Day; half-pound, $11.90, one pound, $22.75.

09 Feb 2018

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