Wright’s Blackman Cruz Style Sale Gives New Meaning to 'Unique Antiques'

As luxury interior designers, we’re not usually sourcing dog collars, industrial supply models and gym equipment for our clients who crave unique antiques. But the versions of these objects that are up for auction at Wright’s first Style Sale on April 21—from the collection of Los Angeles dealers Blackman Cruz—are extraordinary, as you can see in the images below.

Triptych Bells Collars Ladder

Vintage barbells on a stand, a ladder patent model from FLMACO Manufacturing, and 19th and 20th century dog collars are included in the auction.

Adam Blackman and David Cruz sell a curated collection of objects and furnishings at their namesake Los Angeles atelier and covet the “different” and “intriguing” rather than the merely beautiful and pristine. And while their taste is undeniably masculine, there’s plenty for glamor-addicts to covet as well, from fantastical, gilt-encrusted mirrors to leggy, hand-forged tables and chairs.

Mirror Table

Blackman Cruz Workshop Crown of Thrones mirror and Pepe Mendoza occasional table.

They’ve been called “mix-masters” and pioneers of “rustic-meets-refined” style for their highly original take on what’s “worthy” of putting on display. But we call them revolutionaries, because they have radically transformed the American luxury interior design industry’s perception of what are truly unique antiques, and what kinds of objects and furnishings have a place in our homes. Instead of pieces that are just seriously beautiful, they’ve given us options that are quirky and rare, yet also offer drama, intrigue, humor and often, downright sex appeal.

Dining Table

The sinuous lines of Blackman Cruz Workshop’s Deliquescent dining table give the table a sensual demeanor.

Jessica first learned of Blackman Cruz in the late ‘90s from her sister, who lived in Los Angeles at the time. On one of her visits to their gallery, Jessica remembers being struck by the curators’ commitment to their calling when she saw an awe-inspiring, 14-foot clock from a Chicago office building; it was so tall Blackman and Cruz had to cut a hole in their ceiling to display it. That same fervor for featuring the most exceptional finds possible informs a line of contemporary furnishings they design and produce in their workshop. One of these is their Ellipse OP Table, which we have used in many of our client’s homes in dining rooms, libraries and even a foyer.

Ellipse Table

The Ellipse OP Table we often use in our projects is a contemporary piece from the Blackman Cruz Workshop.

Given our stake in luxury interior design, our team will be watching this sale, especially since the curators are including 15 contemporary pieces from the Blackman Cruz Workshop line. All are specially tweaked for the occasion by the dealers to be one-off variations on the limited production runs for sale in their gallery—which makes them totally singular, and unique antiques in the making.


The humorous Prana Hand andirons and dramatic Deliquescent dining table (pictured above) are limited editions from Blackman Cruz Workshop and included in the auction.

How high will the prices go? That’s the proverbial $64-million-dollar question given the allure and cachet of this design team and its star-studded followers (Kelly Wearstler, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, the Olsen twins and more are repeat customers).


Rarities in the sale include Carlo Bugatti’s Curule chair and a pair of chairs from Al Capone’s Wisconsin retreat.

10 Apr 2015

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